Things i hate

I hate teenage lovey dovey crap…. Honestly its just shit, by tomorrow its all gonna be over with and then I’ll be like I told you so

I hate when i don’t know someone very well and they tell me I’ve changed…… Well of course ive changed I’m different. We were never even really that close yet you have the guts to tell me I’ve changed???  No… 

I hate it when i see people who are beautiful inside and out say that they’re ugly…. It hurts because coming from someone who is actually ugly you’re beautiful and you should know that…. 

I hate abortion…. Rape….. And abuse

I hate dudes who have bad breath….. I mean honestly have you even heard of toothpaste

I hate crying…. But due to hormones and abnormal mood swings (and no, I’m not pregnant) i tend to cry a lot even when I’m totally fine…… 

I hate the feeling of having no clothes to wear ……. 

I hate it when people who don’t understand pretend like they do.. 

I hate it when people piss of my friends (trust me, its safer if you dont)…. 

I hate the fact that I’m always procastinating and i have to rush to finish stuff…… 

I hate the feeling of being lost….. 

I hate it when my mum makes really lame jokes and I have to laugh along or she’ll gimme the eye… 

I hate the feeling of having no say in what happens to me or the people i love….. 

I hate when I’m hungry (which is like always) and there’s nothing to eat (by nothing to eat i mean what im craving for at that exact moment…… Which is usually nutella)

I hate it when there’s no nutella at home

I hate it when people hurt themselves as a form of relif… 

I hate nightmares….  

I hate mayonnaise.